First Class

Class 1 of 12

Introductions/Opening Circle – Dr. Michelle Sanchez & Ariel Bovell

Two Cohorts, One Class: The Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars (Donovan Scholars) & The Urban Catholic Teacher Corps (UCTC)

[Guests: Catherine Wong, Charlie Cownie]

Overview and Context

  • General Course Overview, Roles & Assignments
  • Writing and Support
  • Class Expectations
  • Brief Review of Syllabus
  • Full participation in class, on the blog
  • Class Agreements Exercise

Context on Day One

Class goals

  • Increase self-awareness and cultural competency
  • Identify skills to speak up against and respond to prejudice, bias and stereotypes
  • Explore building allies
  • Define leading beyond the classroom

Class Intro activity-Timer


Space Activity

Current Events-Discussion on the current sociopolitical climate as relates to equity, social justice, teaching, schooling, educational access, etc.

Micro-Aggression and response Micro-Appreciations
Personal Narrative

Readings for Class 2 of 12

Intersectionality & Social Location

Hill Collins – Its All in the Family
Blackburn & McCready – Voices of Queer Youth in Urban Schools

Teaching at the Intersections

Aces Too High

Want to know more:

Intersectionality Toolkit

Appreciating Effects of Intersectionality on Education

Intersectionality and Education

MULTIMEDIA (required):

Davis – A Girl Like Me

Davis – Our Lives Matter

Crenshaw Tedtalk -Urgency of Intersectionality

Crenshaw On Intersectionality-Youtube

Axes- Intersectionality







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